Lonely Survivor Mod

Lonely Survivor {Mod – Hack}

Dùbhlan dànachd geama roguelike, a’ chùis air gach nàmhaid mar as urrainn dhut!. Lonely Survivor Mod v1.1.0

Ùraich: 06/12/2022
Prìs tùsail US$: ASGAIDH

Luchdaich sìos Lonely Survivor Mod 1.1.0 airson android apk & iphone ios 4.4

Tha Lonely Survivor na gheama roguelike dàna. Anns a ’gheama, faodaidh tu nàimhdean a bhuain gun chrìoch, do sgilean adhartachadh, agus a’ chùis a dhèanamh air arm nàmhaid bagarrach. Tha tonnan de legions a’ tighinn, a bheil thu deiseil airson blàr nan gaisgeach? Lean air adhart a ’tional eòlas agus buinn òir air an leigeil sìos le nàimhdean gus do èifeachdas sabaid adhartachadh. Àrdaich uidheamachd agus tàlantan, leudaich na buannachdan agad, agus cruthaich dìomhaireachd buaidh.

Gnìomhan geama:
1. Obrachadh aon-mheur, spòrs gun chrìoch.
2. Tha sgilean air thuaiream, roghainnean ro-innleachdail an urra riut fhèin.
3. Bidh dusanan de mhapaichean ìre a’ briseadh troimhe, ionnsaigh Minions agus BOSS, a bheil thu airson gabhail ris an dùbhlan?
4. Fuasgladh measgachadh sgil neo-sheasmhach, cuir aghaidh ris an dùbhlan, barrachd is barrachd do-sheachanta.
5. Thoir seachad cisteachan ulaidh agus potan comais gus do HP a dhèanamh nas seasmhaiche.
6. Beothachadh fìrinneach 3D, eòlas lèirsinneach MAX

Dèan sabaid leat fhèin agus mairidh tu beò. Eòlas geama roguelike ùr-nodha, tionndaidh air modh cumhachd teine ​​​​gun chrìoch, agus faigh tlachd! Thoir aire don bhàr HP agad agus coimhead airson cisteachan ulaidh aig an àm cheart. Is dòcha gum faigh thu rudeigin iongantach. Ma dh’fhàilligeas tu, feumaidh tu tòiseachadh a-rithist. Mar as miosa a tha thu, ’s ann as gaisge a tha thu. dè tha thu a’ feitheamh? Thig agus luchdaich sìos “Lone Survivor” agus falbh air cuairt-dànachd leis na mages gaisgeil!

Saor an-asgaidh luchdadh a-nuas Lonely Survivor {Mod – Hack} airson Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Meud: ) - Tionndadh 1.1.0. Air fhoillseachadh air . Le bhith GD.VNMOD.NET. Dùbhlan dànachd geama roguelike, a’ chùis air gach nàmhaid mar as urrainn dhut!. Air a leasachadh le Cobby Labs. Riatanasan siostam-obrachaidh 4.4. Everyone.

Feartan Game Hack MOD

  • - VIP gun fhosgladh
  • - Airgead gun chrìoch
  • - Luathachadh
  • - Ceannachd an-asgaidh
  • - Astar

Game Version MOD pàighte

  • - Stàladh an-asgaidh
  • - Fuasgladh A H-UILE
  • - Premium saor an asgaidh
  • - Luathachadh
  • - Astar

A dhaoine a thàinig beò às, an robh thu a’ faireachdainn cho èiginneach ‘s a bha e a bhith air do chuairteachadh le feachdan nàmhaid?
Anns an dreach ùr seo, tha sinn air 5 caibideilean a chuir ris, agus tha ceannardan nas cumhachdaiche a’ feitheamh riut!
A bharrachd air an sin, tha sinn air an coileanadh a bharrachadh cuideachd! de mobs, uilebheistean mionlach agus ceannardan. Thig agus sguab an raon-catha ~ ge bith dè, bu chòir dhut barrachd aire a phàigheadh, chan eil e furasta a bhith a’ magadh air na daoine beaga sin.

Beachd ùr

  1. Gamer Kid Jaysen: The best.
  2. Speedy McRunfast: Seems fun, didn't hit any overt ads. Game crashed after picking up lvl 5 satellite orb..
  3. Andrew Simpson: They put to shame all the two star versions of this game. Really is the best thing like it.
  4. d r: Freezes immediately.. couldn't even move the character.
  5. Lilly Kidswelth: Love this game it's simple and holds my interest for hours!.
  6. Broken Marbles: for this type of game its pretty good and so far no anoying commerci als.
  7. Taco The Doge: Copy of survivor.io.
  8. Weeber: Could be fun but my menus and ui are broken. The menus can only be seen through little tears in the multiverse appearing as pixels lines. Wish I could post picture explain it because I don't know how too..
  9. JC: 3rd level feels impossible, anyone else struggling?.
  10. anthony guyton-smith: Immediately freezes after first fireball.
  11. Yonathan Yeager: I have looked at a few games like this one-where you slay enemies and level up skills. But all of them have had some fatal flaw. Magic survival for example doesn't have enough skills. Others, the characters moves way too fast to properly control. This one seemed like was the one. It's developed & the skills are ironed out. However, it's incredibly frustrating to get completely mismatched abilities and passives. If there was at least a way to recycle a level, it would be a lot easier to progress..
  12. Mathieu Smith: Pretty good.
  13. Large Toe: Fun.
  14. Icyy Boi: I LOVE IT SO MUCHMAN.
  15. Jason Woods: Game doesn't work on my S22 Ultra. in the first one or two seconds the character launches a fireball then the game locks up. Correction the game resumes but the display for button or control is missing.
  16. Scott Carns: Coolbeens.
  17. Robert Blackwell: Brilliant wee game.
  18. Renzi Ashari: The pace so slow.
  19. Алексей Овсянников: Wery cool.
  20. Fallen Kiwi: Very laaaaagggggyyyyyyyyy gaaassmmmmeeee.
  21. Muhammad Fakhri: Mantap gamenya, tingkatkan.
  22. Tristan Echols: Pretty fun roguelite. It's surprising the amount of monsters and such that can be onscreen with virtually no lag or slow down at all. Makes a huge difference for these kind of games..
  23. David Peterson: Decent game similar to Vampire Survivors. Minus one star for poor game design choices and one more because if a game has IAP it should also save your data. It does not, so you start over fresh if you play on another device or uninstall..
  24. Michael Binney: It's a good game but unreasonably hard after a certain stage. Power upside are OK but not enough health power ups for the amount of swarms stupidly fast and tough for the fire power you are given. I like tough games but this makes me not want to play. If it was reasonable toughness it would get 5 stars easy.
  25. Samuel Carrizales: Good game.
  26. Brandon Duty: Fun for now, hoping it's not a early end game. Will return for updated review..
  27. Conner Psujek: Fun.
  28. acefly1 games: It is fun.
  29. mean ator: Apparently it asked for my review, so the game is nice but I can tell its not there idea and the game is littered in Micro transactions. This is expected from a app game but that does not mean I respect that choice..
  30. jureno27: Just installed as soon as level starts it glitches with whole bunch of lines I'm on s22 ultra.
  31. Chandara Meas: Do not play if you dont have the tine each round take bout 20 minutes or more trust me. My kind of game 👍🏽🤝🏼.
  32. Lillian Hunsucker: Addicting very addicting.
  33. Astin Spaulding-Badillo: It's fun.
  34. brutalest Gaming: Surprised its so much fun tbh.
  35. Zachary Nicosia: Awesome.
  36. A Mugician's Channel: Game freezes the instant it loads (screen will crack into 6 pieces).
  37. Geltzy 2: Optional adds in game purches no forced adds!!!.
  38. Jason Lewis: Game crashes on start-up. Sad, it looks like a pretty cool game. 😪.
  39. Michael Little: So spent some time playing this game and hated it. You cant see any attacks from enemies with how much your attacks cover your screen. If you respawn and an enemy attack is there you instantly die. There a tons of faults in the game that are sinple fixes yet are there for some reason..
  40. Arthur Waller: Died twice in the span of 5 seconds to nothing. Beat the boss, character dropped dead, revived and collected boss loot, died after collecting loot, to the air on the level I guess because nothing was even near me..
  41. Nate Ray: 1000%the best game ever.
  42. José_Miguel Robles Acosta: Fun, I like it ..
  43. Steve Janossy: Very addictive.
  44. David Walker: I'm a pro but this game is really really good to be honest.
  45. Ash Storm: Good so far.
  46. Alex Ml: Had a lot of fun. Also make sure the ads work if you are going to put them in the game k.
  47. Antonia Robins: So good.
  48. Travis Duff: I really enjoy the game, however the issues I experience seems to be taking damage from unknown sources. For example, I'll finish a boss fight only to suddenly die with no enemies around. Idk if they are spawning in and die immediately from my skills, but something invisible is killing me. Would appreciate you all looking into it!.
  49. Anh Pham: i like it but i keep getting "no ads".
  50. Zuzu potss: It so fun.
  51. Don Kyle Fernandez: This seems like the one that was released first, unless a simple one with an ad aesthetic got it from beta testers.
  52. My Horn: This is the best game ever, I don't know what other game I will play other than this.🤩🤩🤩🤩🍑🍑🍑🍆🍆🍆.
  53. Ezion Dejesus: It so good I can stop playing it.
  54. chris pitch: Meh.
  55. Sheirley Wisenhunt: This is one of the best games ever I'm proud of you but can you remove the electric thingies because it didn't no one can play and then you have a lot more people not deleting this game but I'm never going to delete this one if I do is be in the storage but I want to install it back.
  56. Bernardo Zakur: Unfortunately the game crashes not even 1 second into it.
  57. Jason Ryan: Graphic glitches, can't see options when leveling.
  58. _blxck _rxses: Cool.
  59. Jason Rhodes: So far I like the gameplay and the style of it. Each ultimate skill I unlock got me excited to try to unlock the rest now cause they look pretty cool looking..
  60. SOUL REAPER: So stupid keeps freezing bosses have so much range I get zero heals and the super Items make the game lag out so hard the game has so much stuff behind a pay wall I can't get good stuff without having to pay at least 5 to 10 dollars on something decrease the prices of all the stuff and take some stuff from put of the pay wall 1 star if the game was good I'd give it 4 to 5 stars but the game is bad so 1 star.
  61. callan rodgers: I like the visuals alot..
  62. Ronald Troy White: Pewwepepwpeepe.
  63. A. G: Great.
  64. Yazen Qaqish: Love it.
  65. Dylan Shin: Well-paced and flexible PVE game. I'd say it's beginner friendly while still having a challenge for more advanced players..
  66. Auz D: A lot better than they made it look like in the ads XD😂.
  67. Robert Martin: This game is veeeeerrryyy simalar to some other games I have installed bit it's unique nevertheless.
  68. martin macleod: Was fun at the start, I liked gaining exp during the game to upgrade I stead of having the wait til the end of a level like other games. Does slow down a lot in my mobile when there is a lot going on onscreen but I haven't checked if there is a setting to reduce this. Level 4 needs a lot of grinding to get stronger but by level 5 it's not fun but now a chore to play. Uninstalling..
  69. Quick_Mel TextBased: Keeps crashing.
  70. Parker Tocko: Its really fun.
  71. Joseph Phillips: Game is unplayable for me. As soon as it opens it just freezes.
  72. TYRESE WRLDD: Good.
  73. hanz liu: Bug.
  74. Robert Gathings: Freezes right away. Couldn't play it to give it a proper rating so 1 star till I can play it..
  75. Jonathan Bingaman: I like the game it's fun to play however while I'm playing there are glitches when leveling up in game where cracks appear and I can't see what I'm choosing as well as blinking in and out of the surrounding screen displays, health, experience, pause button, would be a 5 star in my opinion if these things were fixed..
  76. Pauline Seah: It's very fun 😊.
  77. Sari Huittinen: Op.
  78. James Phillips: Fun game. Only complaint... Magnets do not pick up gold. You have to run over the gold to pick it up no matter what your pick-up radius is.p.
  79. Thomas Vancil: Well done.
  80. Mika Malfoy: Fun little survival game. Only wish I could design my own character or at least customize her..
  81. King Daniel: The game is broken, it freezes right after it loads the loading screen, please fix! i even tried reinstalling the game, thanks!.
  82. Simon Thomsen: Awesome game with completely optional ads that are out of the way. One small change I'd really appreciate would be for the revives to move the character away from the boss enemies..
  83. matthew startin: Great game no adverts that I have seen so far truly an enjoyable addictive game.
  84. Scott Donelson: Pretty Good.
  85. Jonathan Au: It's extremely good and very entertaining and it's designed for children but still totally awesome.
  86. adamshattuck1985: Vampire survivors but on your phone.
  87. Nick Orcutt: Game just doesn't run. At all. Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra.
  88. solider YT PL: Lesss gooooo.
  89. Allen Hulett: It's fun and good for time consuming.
  90. Tatiana Carr: I love this game. It's so addictive. But I wouldn't rate it 5/5 stars. I wouldn't rate it 5/5 stars because I would rate it 1,000/5 stars..
  91. Lary Best: Junk. Game won't even play. Freezes every time I start it..
  92. Steven DiCarlo: Game won't even start. Crashes at homescreen.
  93. Uber Destruction: It has a solid foundation but it plays like a game in Alpha. Everything needs reworked. There's absolutely no incentive to spend money on a game where epics in chests only have a 5% drop chance, If they set those rates on purpose to lessen P2W then why even have loot boxes in the first place? Also all skills need to be reworked either damage-wise or how they function, for example shurikan evolution wrecks Everything as long as you are facing towards them, it kills everything in less than 3 secs..
  94. Kim Jong Un: P2w dogshit everything costs too much enemies are op.
  95. Christoper Marlo: Nice (。•̀ᴗ-)✧.
  96. neon ace: Couldnt even run the app it immediately crashed after i downloaded it and glitched my screen.
  97. Vanessa Diaz: It is nice.
  98. Dumitrache Claudiu: Good.
  99. Tristan Ballard: Literally just a re-skin of another higher quality game.
  100. Epic Origami.: Amazing gameplay generally outstanding. I could play this for hours on end. There's also no ads unless your trying to get a bonus. One of my favourite games..
  101. Legend Xu: good.
  102. Shane Cleveland: Love ❤️ this game.
  103. James Frasier: Getting a bug right after it loads... first time player. Samsung s22 ultra user, on newest version of Android..
  104. Leo Ahumada: It's part of this relatively new genre of games where you fight hundreds of super low health enemies that come at you in ultra-large swarms. This game, is also part of the "corporate mobile game spam" genre. It has the same abilities as another game, same function, but a different animation and a different name. Same power-ups, even the same "incoming wave" and "boss fight" notification..
  105. K_ Den_Night: Impossible grind no real change to a way better game vampire survivor pay to not to waste time system not worth after few levels.
  106. Loki Caderyn: Fun.
  107. Hector Ruelas: Very enjoyable I really like it.
  108. The Randomizer: The game is good, I like these types of games, but the problem is it's hard to get past the 3rd level for me, I can't have alot of damage without having to upgrade my character, and even so it's hard to get alot of coins cause the coins are only able to be get by playing through the level instead of just getting it after you complete the level as well. So until you up the damage for the spells, lower costs, and fix the coin problem, imma stop playing, it's a great game tho :).
  109. WL Pang: Rubbish. It just copies other games but with a worser setting. Don't waste time to play..
  110. Bek Mohn: Only had this game for 2 hours and I'm already in love with it. Definitely my favorite fighter games..
  111. No Name: Crashed everytime i picked up a coin.
  112. Keisha June: So fun.
  113. Jamari Felder: It is a good game.
  114. Strallicious: You got me Dev's 👍, a lot of similiar games that requires 15 mins to obtain the real joy , but LS performs realy good in comprehensive.
  115. Mike: Clicking start game wont start game but your energy is deducted..
  116. Frank Hedgar: Addicted just that one word.
  117. Adam Casey: Good game. Appropriately challenging. I'm just a little confused on what "Combine With" means under some skills..
  118. Hanh Ngo: Highly recommended this game 👍👍👍.
  119. Mcdonald Mcginley: Happy is my favorite type, and I look forward to other new ways of playing..
  120. Arnold Bun: You can see the developer's intention, which is very fresh and easy to use. When I found this one in other games, I was very excited, and I was not disappointed when I downloaded it to play..
  121. Wong Bhan: You shouldn't play this game before going to bed.Oh, God! It's early in the morning.Go to bed earlyGood night, uwu.
  122. Carrillo Mach: Full of poison skills, it's really invincible! ! !.
  123. Holmes Few: It's very fun. It's more fun than I thought..
  124. Emanuel Payne: FUN I LOVE IT KEEP DOING UPDATES:).
  125. Bryan Merritt: Game loads up one fire ball shoots off then it looks like the screantears and then I the fire ball freezes in place and I can't move or do anything.....
  126. Griffin Fasano: It's a very decompression game. There are many changes in skills to choose from, which makes me stronger in the later period..
  127. Salas Isaacson: The game is really fun!.
  128. Giles Hoke: After a few days' experience, I won't get tired of it. I want one to experience the back level. Please update it quickly! It would be better if the unused equipment could be sold..
  129. Montoya Berta: The first treasure chest went to the epic equipment, and I hope to keep good luck, hhhh.
  130. paul linnane: Game does not work, it starts up and the freezes.
  131. Hainam Rice: very unstable, auto closed the game when i was running arounf 10 minutes couples times.
  132. Barrera Masami: It's really, really fun! ! !After the skills are selected, you can decompress invincible in the later stage and mow the grass without brains.Mainly depends on walking position and skills, highly recommended! ! !.
  133. Lopez Chey: With a little strategy for leisure, I will think about how to combine skills to become stronger. Leisure time is worth playing, which is highly recommended..
  134. Flowers Morgan: I like the painting style very much, and the interface is very clean, which is in line with my preferences..
  135. Reeves Portes: I burst my liver for 5 hours in one breath. I really want to talk to my partner pk! !.
  136. xPrinceSorax: Game crashes as I start it when I start the app loads with her shooting a fire ball then freezes.
  137. Valeska Neeb: Keeps freezing, can't get thru a map. Fun otherwise..
  138. Wilcox Evans: :)) Play, because its function is similar to the last game I played. It's also good to play for a long time, and it's exciting:) I hope the game update has many more and more new features:)).
  139. Canan Kayi: In the same type of game, you will never lose and play directly ~.
  140. Peck Jolin: A good choice to kill time ~ ~ Fun is addictive.
  141. Pratt Genta: It feels good, and I can play it all the time..
  142. Simon Kutas: cool.
  143. King Nadezhda: Have you seen friends playing? Is it very popular recently? I think the painting style is very cute..
  144. Medina Bagri: It's up there, like the killing spire..
  145. Kennedy Brunette: It's easy to operate and no trouble at all..
  146. The Fluffy Gamer: Not sure what it is but this game was about to get a 4 star rating and then this last patch makes the game completely impossible to open the game..
  147. Lewis Miller: Literally stole your monster design from Monster.io literally every monster in the beginning is from that game..
  148. Sanchez Olli: It's really simple and exciting, chug chug is really super fun!.
  149. hodge edu: From the beginning to the present, the fluency has been improving, great!.
  150. Lindsay Driskill: Very fun, a game to pass the time, and a game highly recommended by players who don't know how to make money..

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