Backrooms 2D Mod

Backrooms 2D [HACK + MOD]

Na Backrooms mar Ghèam 2D ​​.... Backrooms 2D Mod v1.0

Ùraich: 07/12/2022
Prìs tùsail US$: ASGAIDH

Luchdaich sìos Backrooms 2D Mod 1.0 airson android apk & iphone ios 5.1

Tha Backrooms Internet creepypasta na uirsgeul far nach fheum thu teicheadh ​​​​bho fhìrinn agus a dhol a-steach do chuartan gun chrìoch de àrainneachdan le caractaran air thuaiream. Seo na h-àrainneachdan sin ann an 2D.

Saor an-asgaidh luchdadh a-nuas Backrooms 2D [HACK + MOD] airson Android APK & Iphone IOS IPA. (Meud: ) - Tionndadh 1.0. Air fhoillseachadh air . Le bhith GD.VNMOD.NET. Na Backrooms mar Ghèam 2D ​​.... Air a leasachadh le JujuProdGames. Riatanasan siostam-obrachaidh 5.1. Teen.

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Beachd ùr

  1. River Sheffield: Doesn't even work it just loading and then when it stopped it was a black screen and the game was still playing I leave this game went bad review please fix it.
  2. Lucas WallisGlenn: I seen your video abt your game, this looks amazing and deserves so much more...i think bc its 2D people expect it to be bad but tbh, its GREAT.
  3. Bernadette Jepson: Good game its really good and i love this game so 5 STARS.
  4. stefan 22: I seen you on youtube.
  5. Sa Da: There's just a black screen I can't play it fix now.
  6. Stephanie Fischer: Add level 666.
  7. Bertha Bonilla: I like this game but there's a lag where every time I play I can't see anything it's pitch darkness.
  8. Chaii Tacluyan: play fix the bug I can't play level fun 1 2 polrooms and others only level !.
  9. Justin Sanders: Can you please take off the jumpscares Because one almost gave me a heart Attack.
  10. Tre: I watch your videos of making this it's fun.
  11. nicolo ponce: Super cool!!.
  12. Angel Vazquez: 👍.
  13. Mr.Yazid1: Soooo good.
  14. A Google user: I love this game so much.
  15. Sherry Alook: 50 Cent song about this game so I can see anything in the voice just fix that then I will be happy and Mason to complain that well now I am not going to play that for now okay bye-bye.
  16. Danka: just a black screen I don't know how to flashlight.
  17. Francis Jethro Aspe: Cool fix dark screen and i like it but ඞ.
  18. Beatrice Kien Jewelle M. LABASTIDA: the game is great, although, there are a few bugs on the game, 1, sometimes the world doesnt generate the map fully 2. when playing a level you sometimes, lag or get kicked from the game 3, the joystick is kinda hard for me to control, 4, the jumpscares in " level ! " sometimes stack each other, the bugs aside the game is awesome!.
  19. RocStar SS: The game is good but You need to make a multiplayer and a menu pls And make the menu nice pls make a muliplayer and make that Can be friends okay.
  20. Kayla Harrison: Super fun scary Jumpscares you should download this game it is so fun trust me you will not regret it.
  21. None None: I was waiting the video when you made the game I subscribe to you too I like your videos keep on making good videos keep on the good work make sure to make really cool video.
  23. Upendra Nath Roy: I can't see any in this game please fix it.
  24. JORDEN TXE: It doesn't work for me.
  25. Qenyen Q: It's hard to see the char but everything else works fine3.
  26. Alfie Lee: I would rate it a five if it weren't for the multiple bugs in the game. Level 0 (tutorial level) had some buggy generations where I would turn a corner and a dead end would suddenly have a new path to go down. I don't know if this second one is intentional but the arrow pointing you to the exit in level 1 (the warehouse) is right but sometimes the exit is blocked by a wall. Please fix this..
  27. joyclen delapeña: I want to be like you can i do it?.
  28. Angela Conley: Your video it's amazing it's a wonderful but it's missing one thing it means the dog poster.
  29. Honey John Lee Demoral: 😃.
  30. Elliott Garcia: There is just dark on my screen.
  31. joe: uptade pls.
  32. Monica T: Best 2d backrooms game ever because there are different levels and entities but one problem in level ! It is very dark of flashing lights and in level! There is so much things in the way but still really fun..
  33. Tanjima Tani: I whaced your vedeos.
  34. Inventory Craft: Good game if you like horror games.
  35. Amazing Parrot: Best backrooms game ever I already subscribed to the devs channel very good.

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Tionndadh: 1.0.
Android a dhìth: 5.1.
Dèan measadh: 87.
Rangachadh susbaint: Teen.
Stàladh: 1,000+.
Bathar: .
Luchd-leasachaidh: JujuProdGames.
Bhòtaichean: 4.2.
Eadar-ghnìomhach: .
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